Thursday, August 18, 2022

Visit to the hospital

I had my stitches removed yesterday and x-rays taken of my ankle.

At the time, I felt traumatized. 😩 My boot needed to be removed outside the room and I had to walk (hop) with crutches to the x-rays without my left foot touching the ground.

They asked me to climb onto a block, but without my crutches I couldn’t lift my right leg high enough. And I couldn’t put pressure onto the left foot. They eventually raised the “bed” and I managed to stand on the block. 

I had this fear of falling over (begged them to not let me fall) and anxiety of my weak legs giving in. I was sweating and my mask-covered face and nape off my neck were drenched in tears. 😭 My hubby was outside - oblivious of what was happening and of course, shocked to see me in that state.

I have really been through it. Most days, I’m upbeat and chilled. Other days, I’m quiet and frustrated with my lack of ability to carry out simple tasks. Through it all, I’m grateful for the kindness and love I receive from far and wide. 

I am moving a lot better with my crutches and I’m almost used to the crazy weight of this boot - except when I’m tired.

My physio told me today that I’ll have a spectacular story to tell. I know that very well and I’m glad that I have written about and shared my journey here. Not for sympathy, but to document my ups AND downs. No two days are the same - which is okay!

The emotions that one goes through during something like this is nothing short of a rollercoaster. There have been nights I flop into bed and it takes me a good few minutes to catch my breath. And then I strategically plan how to manoeuvre my body to find a comfortable position.

Doctor advised that my x-rays show that I’m healing well. 🙏🏼 I’m so grateful for this and have a newfound respect for my body and its incredible capability. 

He wants to see me again next month just before my next operation.🏥

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