Thursday, August 4, 2022

Doctor's visit

During my sleep last night I reached out for the railing that I had on the side of my hospital bed.

“Why did they take it down? What if I fall off the bed?”

And then I remembered that I was actually back home!

We went to the doctor today. The walk from the car to the entrance really tired me. He checked the wound and re-bandaged my foot. I caught a glimpse of my toes: they were so swollen 🥺 but he assured me that it’s normal.

His prescriptions:

Physio - 3x a week
Bandage change - 2x a week
Thrombosis Injections - daily 

My stitches will be removed at a hospital in two weeks and I’ll have a consultation before the next surgery.

“You have no choice now, but to rest,” doctor told me - knowing all too well that I didn’t rest sufficiently when I had Covid last month.

I’ll need to be laying on my back while I have this boot on. My neck already feels sore today so I’ll look into getting a special pillow for the sofa. I’ve already ordered a “leg raiser.”

Any tips for laying comfortably on the sofa?

Please share. 🙏🏼

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