Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome Dinner for Staff - 2010

On Friday, March 5 2010 there was a Welcome Dinner at school for the new teachers. The restaurant was on the same block of my apartment. It was a gal-bi (grilled beef/pork) restaurant. 
 Welcome speech

New teachers getting bouquets of flowers

...and the meat arrived

This was my dinner - tofu stew and rice

After dinner, the 6th grade teachers went to Bucheon to a bar

Head teacher let me choose the an-ju (food to eat when drinking)
I chose my fav - "dubu kimchi" (tofu)

Lee didn't come to dinner. He left school early because one of his friends' father passed away so he went to pay his respects. HOWEVER - he ended up drinking there and got very drunk. When he joined us at the bar he was loud and a bit irritating. I left around midnight and the rest of the teachers went to a norae-bang (karaoke bar/singing room) which I personally can't stand.

With a new teacher, Mi-na



Nicki said...

Korean food looks yummy but I haven't found a dish that I like yet :)

I'm always laughing when Pan-Asians do the "peace sign" when posing for pics :)

Sheetal said...


I love Korean food (all veg dishes) and would choose it over Western food any day.