Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tae Yang goes solo

Big Bang member, Tae Yang is going solo! His two music video's 기도~ Prayer & 나만바라봐 ~ Look only at me debuted on Mnet & they're simply fantastic!

Tae Yang has become my Number 1 favourite Big Bang Member, placing T.O.P in second place ^~

Here is 기도 (pronounced Gi-do) featuring Teddy. Teddy Park is the leader of the YG's hip hop group, 1TYM.

And here is 나만바라봐 (pronounced Na-man-ba-ra-bwa). The basic plot of the music video is that Tae Yang's girfriend is cheating on him with many guys - cameo roles by the other Big Bang members! Tae Yang's solo dance (in black and white) is awesome...

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