Friday, May 2, 2008

Hong Kong

About 2 months ago, I went to Hong Kong ~ I know, I'm a bit slow with the updates recently... but after a lot of badgering from family & friends to see the pics, here are just a few random ones:

This was our primary mode of transport around town

Cluttered stores like this line the streets

This was the only veg item on the menu at one restuarant & it was NOT good...

Stall owners bargain with customers till an item is sold ~~

Fans, dragons & lanterns are everywhere!

I bought some Bollywood DVD's!
The Big Buddha on Lantau Island


t-HYPE said...

Hong Kong looks so amazing. I can't wait till I get to Asia!

What movies did you buy? Did they have a good selection? :)

Sheetal said...

hey! i just got one of those song collection dvd's...

the selection wasn't bad, thought ^^