Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's been one of those great days...

This morning I was just... OK. The gym instructor kept me company for a while and lifted my sombre mood. He kept saying he was hungry, so on my way to school I stopped at the gym to give him something. His face lit up like a child! I felt really happy that I made someone smile.

Since it was Teacher's Day, I bought some things from the bakery for the staffroom. The teachers were so happy. It was a small gesture on my part, but they really appreciated it. My vice principal is exceptionally warm towards mood lifted even further.

My first class of the day was my Special Needs. Sometimes, it's a bit of a challenge trying to keep them focused. Today I wanted to teach them "Head, Shoulders, Knees..." and to my pleasant surprise, they slowly learned the song. It will take a few more times to get it perfect, but I was so proud of them. One girl said to me in Korean, "I love my English teacher". My heart melted. Before I left, they gave me an arrangement of candy.

With my 5th grade class, I tried a warmer that had them in fits of laughter. It was great... one boy got red in the face because he was laughing so hard.

...and then, I had my Kindergarten class. I hadn't taught them for 2 weeks (cause of holidays etc..), so when I walked into the class I had 13 little bodies trying to hug me. Each one gave me a heart shaped letter - one of them: "Dear Sheetal Teacher, I love you very very much".

And then - I met one of my co-teachers from last year. I was overjoyed!

Teachers got to go home at 2:30pm today, but I couldn't as I had to teach my after school class...

The kids were tired and hungry. I had some crackers in my bag so I let them eat it. But... they were still not really interested in studying this afternoon. So - I promised them that I'd buy them a snack after class. I felt sorry for them... being hungry etc.

We played a fun game that they loved. The energy level in the class soared. The two boys at the back who were falling asleep became two of the loudest ones in the class. We had a great time, and afterwards - as promised - I bought them something to eat. I think people were confused out of their minds why 14 kids were following me.

They were so happy ~

My day ended by having dinner with a special person (like my Korean mum)

So on my way home... I thought about the day. And I came to the conclusion that when I'm down in the dumps, the perfect remedy is to bring a smile to someone else's face...

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