Thursday, May 15, 2008

Teacher's Day

Today was Teacher's Day in Korea. I will upload a photo tomorrow of what I received today. My Special Needs class gave me a gift of candy & a carnation, one of my top 6th grade students gave me something that looks like a prize badge with a chocolate, my kindergarten kids each gave me a heart-shaped letter, and I got the sweetest letter from a 3rd grade girl - each line was written in a different colour. My co-teacher translated it for me:

Dear Sheetal Teacher

I'm Ji Su. Today is Teacher's Day. I want to say thank you for teaching us English so well. I am very happy to come to your class to learn English. I liked you from the first class and I think you have a very nice smile. But - I'm sorry that sometimes we don't listen to you and we make noise. I promise, from now one we will study English and be good. I love you as much as the sky and the earth is wide.

Love, Ji Su

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Pumba said...

doesn't that just bring a smile to your face...:)