Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jong Suk's Wedding

On Saturday, 24 November I attended a wedding in Gangnam. It was one of the 4th grade teacher's (Jong Suk). We had a countdown in the Grade 4 teacher's room till her big day... she was so excited and nervous days before the wedding - and yet, she still taught right up till Friday!

I was very excited about going to my first Korean wedding, even though it wasn't traditional.
Weddings here are held in wedding / convention halls. In fact, my apartment building is neighbour to the wedding hall in my area! When I go out during week-ends, I often pass many wedding parties, but have never been inside the building.

After attending Jong Suk's wedding, I decided that one day ...when I get married, I want to have two weddings - one which will be in Korea at a wedding hall! *^^* As my friend, Rachel told me - Korean weddings happen really quickly. 123 and it's over!

When we arrived at the venue, another wedding was just ending. A few minutes later, we were in the same venue sitting in on Jong Suk's wedding. Before she walked down the aisle, she was in the Bride Room having photo's taken and being fussed over.

This pic (of the Bride Room) was taken after the wedding

Here, Jong Suk is being fussed over by her mother & mother-in-law,
who are dressed in traditional Hanbok's

I think bride's really feel like princesses on their big day!

At this desk, guests deliver their monetary gifts and sign the guestbook.
You also receive a meal ticket which you take upstairs to the buffet section where guests enjoy lunch after the ceremony. The TV screen on the wall is the lineup of weddings for the day!

Where the actual ceremony took place

During the ceremony

The ceremony could also be watched on the projector

After the ceremony, photo time with the family

The wedding cake

The glass aisle

Upstairs in the buffet section

The foyer of the wedding hall

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