Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Disciplining & Rewards...


I've come up with something new with my classes... I tell them if I see them using their cellphones, I will use it to call my family in Na-ma-gong (South Africa!) *^^*

...Now, I count down from 5 to 0 ...if they have not settled by the time I get to zero, the lesson will be boring and we won't play games...

If I have to ask them repeatedly to be quiet, I say one of two things:

1) They will get homework, which will have to be signed by their parents
2) I will call their homeroom teacher to deal with them

It's hilarious - the class is absolutely quiet after I've used these lines!


I bought a really cute square box from a stationery store, and filled it with Hershey Kisses. When it's time for questions in my classes, I have this box passed around while music is playing. (like "Pass the Parcel"). When the music stops, the student holding the box must stand and answer a question. If it's answered correctly, he/she gets to open the box and have a Kiss. I started this today... needless to say, I had kids follow me after class begging me, "Please teacher - kiss kiss kiss!"

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