Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hi Sweet Home

Elementary teachers in my city have to partake in a program called "Hi Sweet Home" where the English teacher visits the home of one of his/her students to meet the family.

Today I went on my first visit. It was a bit awkward at first, because of the language barrier. The mum was so kind and prepared various fruits, bread and juice for me. Her youngest son brought out various objects from his room to ask me the English name for them (dinosaur, soccer ball etc...). They were very hospitable and I was given a fantastic wall chart map of Korea.


Kent Page said...

That's a cool program! How is the lucky kid chosen?

Anonymous said...

you have the best blog. i've to others but not as nice as yours.

Anonymous said...

i meant i've been to other sites. you rock girl

Sheetal said...


well, the kids take home a letter to their parents with a reply slip. if the parents want to have the teacher over, they reply 'yes'. then certain kids are picked (with reasonable english level). and then... their names got put into a box and it's picked like that - easy!

wow - thank you so much! *^^*
who are u? (is it kp?!)

Anonymous said...

no it's not kp it's vm
you rock baby.