Friday, November 16, 2007

Grade 2's

One of the Grade 2 teachers told me that every time her students see me in the corridors, they go back and tell her that I greeted them. She says they want to talk to me, but they can only say "hi" or "hello!" They are sooo cute!

She was going to teach a new section to the class ... all about "Famous things in Korea", so she wanted me to record a video message for the class saying that I want to learn about all the famous things in Korea.. she thought that it would be motivation for the class to want to study the section more... so that they could tell me (the foreign teacher) about all the famous monuments etc that this country has.

The video was shown at the Grade 2 Open Class and to thank me for the favour, the teacher gave me cake and the children wrote letters to me ... each one about something famous in Korea (example - the greeting, famous ice skaters, swimmers etc...).

This is what it looked like:

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