Saturday, November 10, 2007

General update

This has been such a busy week! I teach over 30 classes a week and in between teaching time, I still have to lesson plan and attend meetings - and deal with other necessary admin. Am I still enjoying teaching? YES! There hasn't been a day where I don't want to go to work. The children are so beautiful and the staff at my school are all wonderful people. I feel very lucky.

Back home (in SA), my brother - DJ DAMAGE had his 3rd ultimix played on 5FM. Just like his other 2, I absolutely loved it and it included some of my favourite songs. I'm very proud of him!

Hindu's around the world celebrated Diwali (Festival of Lights). My family didn't celebrate this year, because of death's in our family. Speaking of which, next month will mark the one year anniversary of my uncle who lost his life while he was on holiday with his family in the Philippines.

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