Sunday, November 4, 2007

Early Autumn in Korea


Kent Page said...

"Yeh duniya saari
badi hai pyaari...
Yahi ek sach hai
yeh sab rang bade suhaane hain!"

Oh I wish I could be there walking with you to take in these sights. The first 4 pics just looks like you found some isolated specks of nature in the big city. But the 5th one shows that there is a sprawling, hilly countryside nearby.Also, seeing the steeple reminds me of some Korean friends I had in California, who startled me when I found out they were Presbyterian (I was planning to interview them for an Eastern Religions Essay I was working on, assuming that they were Buddhist!) There's actually a lot of Korean Christian churches here in Houston.

Anonymous said...

Dit lyk soos jou Pa se tuin.Ek gaan a groot huis kopp dan sal my tuin met al die bome kan blossom.Ek sien die jong van houston..hy prrat twak met jou..hy moet pasop vir my..dit lyk baie mooi.praat weer

Sheetal said...


what is that song and where is it from? i can't remember?! yes - this place is really pretty at the moment!

baie dankie vir die comment. wie is jy? jy ken my pa?

Kent Page said...

It's one of my favorite verses from "Soni, Soni" in the movie Mohabbatein.