Friday, November 16, 2007


I noticed that if I said the word, "something" to my classes - they giggle and repeat, "sumseen".

I was confused - why was "something" so funny? I still don't know if I understand, but my co-teacher said that the English word, "something" sounds like a Korean word for a term used when a man and woman go out etc...

Then, if I ask questions and I say "tell me.... ", they start chanting, "tell me tell me ....t t t t t tell me". This happened in every single class. And I've finally realized what it is. There's a popular song sung by a Korean group called "Wonder Girls"...and in one of their songs, the chorus goes, "Tell me, tell me ...t t t t t tell me!" (the only English bit in the song).

...and today, with my Grade 5's, I was teaching them vocabulary relating to a phone call (conversation, dial, pick up, hang up etc...). I was trying to explain that a conversation happens between the "caller" and "receiver". They found this hilarious and couldn't stop laughing.

Why? "caller" sounds like "cola" as in Coca Cola (Coke) LOL

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Kent Page said...

Hey Sheets! That's too funny! You know I heard that when Indians in certain dialects try to to say "Fish", it sounds like "Piss"... by the way, I'm on Myspace! Come and give me props!