Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teaching parts of the body

For my kindergarten & special needs classes, I'm teaching them parts of the body. For my kinder- class today, I had them sit in a circle, and each had a blank piece of paper with a crayon. They had to listen very carefully to me. First, I told them to draw (only) a head. Then they passed the paper to the person on their left - so now, they have someone else's 'head'. Then they were told to draw eyes. Then they passed it to the left again, and they had to draw a nose. They soon got the hang of it, and the volume of laughter at the colourful faces increased every time! (I got this idea from ESL Cafe)

And this was the result:

For my special needs class, they each got a turn to come to the white board. They were blindfolded and had to listen to my instructions to draw a face.

Some got help from others....

After they were done, their blindfolds were removed and the giggles in the class were contagious.

This is one of my students (Sylvia) with her drawing...


vroodamakhan said...

i love to read you blog. you are so good with the kids. i love your energy. go girl! you strong. your special class is very special to you too. keep up the good work. i love it and well done and i'm very proud of you hey

Anonymous said...

What an ingenious method!! And a fun way for them to learn the parts of the body... When the student was drawing the face on the whiteboard blindfolded, were students helping to get it right by speaking directions in English? Really cool!


P.S. Oh, and the last comment you got from Drake Cyanide, that was me!! I didn't know it was going to put my old user ID until it was already too late... sorry, I hope I didn't let you down, thinking you had a new admirer!!!!

Sheetal said...

Thanks, mum :) xxx

KP - Thanks for revealing your identity ;) hehe... and thanks for that link you gave me!