Sunday, October 28, 2007

6.3 ....all in the name of candy!

On Friday's I teach four classes of Grade 6s - not easy! ...especially when you have to teach the kids a song that some of them think are too baby-ish for them, or if you try to get them motivated early in the morning. As tired or lame as I may feel, I have to be as energetic as ever with my classes because my energy rubs off on them. The most difficult classes are the first classes in the morning and the ones just before lunch time - because by then, the kids are restless and hungry.

BUT ...

On Friday, I had one of my favourite classes (6.3). I've been teaching the section titled, "Will you help me, please?" and my co-teacher and I had to teach them a song. Some of the Grade 6s were nearly lifeless when singing the song, but 6.3 made me so proud that I beamed with joy!

They really got into the song (clapping and making actions) and then I invited them to come and perform at the front of the class. Some of them were shy. But then I told them that I'd reward them with points if they came to the front, and this is what happened:

Every single student came to the front of the class - no one, as in no one were at their desks!

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