Monday, October 1, 2007

Gasp! It's an Indian girl...

I have slowly gotten used to being stared at by Korean's...but now I'm trying to overcome being stared at by the Indians I see when I go out.

So far, I've only seen Indian men - majority of whom are migratory labourers from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The stares I get when I go out are mind-boggling. If they were friendly it was another thing, but some of them just look dodgy!

On Sunday, coming home on the subway there was this Indian guy near me. I just kept thinking, "Please don't see me....", but he did and he slyly made his way to where I was sitting and although there was ample space around him, he stood right in front of me. He tried talking to me, but I couldn't understand him. I kept looking down....THEN....I heard a "click" - like a camera clicking sound and when I looked up, he put his cellphone down with the most guilty look on his face!

Sigh.... thankfully my stop was next, and before I caused a scene I departed the train swiftly...hahahaha

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