Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Let the kids do the disciplining

Me: Do you like candy?
Students: Yes
Me: Do you want candy?
Students: Yes
Me: Then you'll have to be good.

I've split my classes up into groups and allowed them to come up with their own group/team names... some of them are: Death Note, Fire, Happy, Smile, Blue Sky, Angel cute!

I laid down the basic rules of English class with them, and invited them to also add to the rules...

My rules:
  • When it's time for English class, desks must be clear of EVERYTHING (not a single pencil / eraser/ book). This is great, cause then they have no distractions

  • Don't talk when the teacher is talking

  • No fighting

  • Bring English books to class...

  • Smile & be happy

  • Speak only English in English class

  • ....and various others...

I explained the point system to them... if I ask a question and someone answers it correctly, their entire team will get a point. (this rule will be flexible)

It's easier to lose points than it is to gain.

If one person misbehaves during class...the entire group loses a point.

If I hear someone speaking English...the group gets a point. If I hear Korean, they lose points. the only time they can speak Korean is to ask the Korean teacher a question / clarification (got this idea from my friend, Dim)

Once the group has accumulated 20 points, they will get candy...

It's amazing how this has worked... my children are suddenly so attentive and willing to listen...all in the name of candy !!

I also love this method because the kids themselves discipline each other. Imagine how one child will be ratted on by his peers because he's misbehaving. So....if A is trying to distract B, C will intervene to get them both quiet and listen to the teacher. Why? Cause if one person misbehaves, the whole group loses out.


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Ahh..This is a nice idea Sheetal. You should be having loads of fun working with kids I suppose..

I'm visiting your blog for the first time. Nice blog:) .Will surely come back for more. :)

Take care!

Sheetal said...

hi there,

thank u for stopping by and look forward to 'seeing' u again :)