Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rules that actually work...

By now, my students know that when it's English class, I don't want to see a single thing on their desks. Not even their English books... I create my own lessons, and only use the prescribed text when absolutely necessary. Absolutely everything must be packed away in their school bags/desks, including pencils, erasers etc... This is one of the most effective rules, because then the children have no distractions (except each other) and have to face the front and pay attention.

I have caught a few students using cellphones in class, and I tell them that if I see a cellphone, I'll use it to call my family in South Africa!

Am I strict? No - not at all. Even if I say so myself ...I would have loved having a teacher like me! During my schooling years, I consider myself extremely lucky to have had some of the best teachers in my life (especially for English & Afrikaans). Perhaps that is where my fondness for languages stems from? And when I think about it, not only were my English & Afrikaans teachers strict, they were passionate about the material they taught.

Another rule in my class is that no Korean is to be spoken in class (except to ask for clarification to the Korean teacher). If i walk around and hear random chatting in Korean, I take points of the student's team. However...if I hear them speak English, I reward them with points.


Kent Page said...

I really need to leave you more messages, because I visit you all the time! I love reading about your experiences. You seem to be a very effective teacher, and really touching the minds of many students. Have you ever had a class you couldn't control? And why do you have to have a Korean teacher present all the time? Oh, and your friend came to the States? What area did she visit?

Sheetal said...

drake cyanide
Hello :) Thanks for your awesome message! To answer your question, so far, I've never had a class I couldn't control...I somehow come up with various strategies to make them listen to me!

Why do I need a Korean teacher present? Well, as we were explained's like having a learner driver driver without a licensed driver - it's illegal.

There have been incidents in the past where problems have risen in the class amongst students. Maybe the foreign teacher is unable to control/handle the situation...imagine if things somehow get violent?! That's why it is imperative to have the Korean teacher with you at ALL times.

My friend was in the Virginia vicinity.

What is your name & where are you from? and how did you find my humble little online home?! :) Hope to se you again soon!