Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hope Start Program

There's a program at my school called Hope Start and it was developed to assist students from underprivileged or troubled homes. Social workers at the school ensure a safe environment for the children to come after school (some children come from other schools) to play or use the facilities like books, crayons etc...

I'll be teaching the children in the Hope Start program twice a week - for 50 minutes each. I've been asked to come up with some kind of musical/drama where the children can perform. I've tried finding common ground with them ...especially trying to establish what their favourite cartoon characters are etc... (pretty difficult task since their ages are varied).

If you have any ideas of the kind of drama performance / song I could teach them, please let me know! There are only about 6 children. One of my primary aims for this program is to build the children's confidence.

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Anonymous said...

I found a cool websites with some scripts! Hopefully it's what your looking for.