Thursday, August 30, 2007

Farewell / Welcome dinner for teachers @ Sinchen Elementary School

Yesterday after school, the staff gathered for a farewell / welcome dinner for teachers. The vice-principal is leaving the school to take up another position as a principal at another school. I was given a very warm welcome and was assisted by teachers around me in my quest to eat kimchi with chopsticks!

Spicy kimchi

Here, I'm being welcomed by the Head Teacher:

The principal giving his address:

Chicken & rice:

Duck & rice:

MakGooksoo (noodles & veg) This was ordered for me because I'm a vegetarian :)

I ate this pepper with a bean paste:

It was raining when we left...


Mamapierce said...

Wow, kimchi, it's too much for me! Hi there, my name is Jill. I noticed that you like bollywood movies so I thought I'd check out your blog. It looks like you're in Korea, eh? That's neat! I've been to Taiwan, and it's a whole new world! I've never eaten any indian food, can you recommend something?

Sheetal said...

hi jill :) thanks for stopping by..

i only arrived in korea on saturday. it's been such an experience thus far...

yeah i love bollywood movies..i am the editor of a bollywood magazine here in SA. how long were in taiwan for?

anything particular in indian food that u enjoy?

Mamapierce said...

Hi Sheetal,

Why are you in Korea? Do they need editors for bollywood magazines there?

My husband served a mission for our church (lds church) in Taiwan for 2 years, then after we married and he graduated we went back for 2 weeks. It was like a whole new world!

My friend introduced me to bollywood movies. I really REALLY like Veer Zaara, Lagaan, & Main Hoon Na. There's an indian restaurant here in Ohio and I'm going to check it out--but I have NO clue what to get.

I noticed you said you're a vegetarian--are you hindu? Are you from south africa originally?

Sheetal said...

im teaching english @ an elementary school...

depends on what ur taste is ... for me, i am a vegetarian so only eat veg curries (when i do eat it).

yes i'm hindu & was born in SA :)