Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday 28th - Domestic chores

The tenants who lived in my apartment before me didn't clean very well... so Tuesday evening I dedicated to scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting.

I put the gloves on and got working in the bathroom. I scrubbed that toilet like there's no tomorrow. As I mentioned before, the bathrooms here are completely different. The entire bathroom is like a shower. The shower head is connected to the tap in the basin and is a hand held shower. .... thankfully, the toilet is normal.

I had an issue where the basin got filled with water and I didn't know how to unplug it. So I went next door to my neighbour, and a man (probably in his mid 20's answered the door). Obviously, he didn't understand me and wanted to close the door in my face, but he came to my bathroom with me - (it's really not as weird or freaky as it sounds) and he showed me how it's done.

After cleaning the bathroom, I ironed all my clothes before packing them in my closet. By midnight I was beat, so got to bed...after watching some Korean TV of course....


Mamapierce said...

Yes, when I visited Taiwan, their bathrooms where the same way: no need for a shower curtain-the whole bathroom was a SHOWER! Kind of fun, I think, but difficult to keep the toilet paper dry...ha ha

Sheetal said... much for a relaxing shower, huh?! never mind keeping the toilet paper dry, it's difficult keeping the toilet dry! just close the lid to be safe.


Mamapierce said...

So how are the accomodations in south africa?