Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The wonderful people I'm surrounded by...

Angelina is my co-teacher and is easing me into Korean life. She is funky and hip and has good advice for me. She is very understanding and taught me the walking route from school to home. I appreciate all she's done for me, and think she simply rocks... Here she is on the right..isn't she pretty?

Dianne Lee is my other co-teacher, and makes sure I'm happy with everything around me. She assists me like a charm during class and speaks English fairly well... I really like her and regard her as a mum figure.... This is her in the middle... the other two teachers teach 4th grade.... also so sweet! Mrs Lee is full of smiles whenever I see her...

Mr Kim is like my Korean dad. He does anything and everything for me... from sorting out my cellphone to my laptop... to throwing my trash taking me shopping... to making sure every electronic appliance works - he is so sweet, it's just unreal. And when he battles trying to say something in English, he lets out this amazing little giggle and very soon he & I are in a fit of laughter because we can't understand each other. But he is such a humble soul. He works in the school's admin office and he makes sure I am short of absolutely nothing....

Mr Kim's wife (Mrs Ham) .... they are married, but have different surnames... called me yesterday when I was at the PC bang. She wanted to meet me. But she couldn't understand when I said - MRS HAM COME SUN JIN 6:30. Anyways, we met... and she took me walking around my area. She knew I was looking for somewhere to get a good massage, so she went hunting for prices.... and she wanted to take me to the "HELS KLUBBEH" (health club) cause she knew I wanted to join some kind of gym.

She held my hand and walked around, pulling my arm and making sure I understood when something was too expensive. She even bought an umbrella for me to use when I walk in the heat. She is amazing... and soooo sweet. She gave me trash bags, hangers etc... from her own home... and she just wanted me to go and see where she works (in the Science lab at school). ....And she bought me banana's cause she heard me say FRUIT.

The language barrier is huge, but she is so adorable that she just has to smile, and my heart will melt. Here she is on the left with my co-teacher, Angelina.

Hyun Jung is the teacher for disabled children, and when she didn't see me in the teacher's room @ lunch, she called me to ask if I was OK and if I'd eaten.... she is sooo sweet and her English isn't too bad (so we converse well). She wants me to go and visit her classroom... this is her on the right:

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