Thursday, May 8, 2008

Parents Day... My Korean parents ^~

May 8 is Parents Day in South Korea. Children give carnations to their parents and buy gifts to show their appreciation towards their mother's and father's. I consider myself very lucky ~ I have so many 'parents' here in Korea. Here are some of them:

Angelina (more like a big sister, but cares like a mother) & Mrs Lee
They were my co-teacher's last year

Husband & wife, Mrs Ham & Mr Kim. They've really taken me as their third child. They helped me settle in and made sure I was short of absolutely nothing... from food to cleaning materials to clothes hangers! I love them to bits ~
they are the sweetest couple...

4th Grade homeroom teacher, Mr Lee who calls me his daughter. He taught me the basics of Korean, and it's because of him that I can read Hangul .
He is so kind and generous....


hasita86 said...

In Polend we haven't Paretns Day, but we have Mather Day and Father Day...
Hmm one more day to celebrate :)

Sheetal said...


Hello :) In South Africa, we also have Mother's Day & Father's Day ^^

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