Friday, November 21, 2014

The Salt of the Earth...Abdulgader

I remember his first day almost as if it were yesterday. He was quiet and looked rather preoccupied. What struck me most was the level of respect he showed.

I'm not quite sure of when we started growing close, but does it really matter? I think not. As I always say, the only thing we are sure of is the moment right now.

It has been an emotional week, but as I sit here and reflect on my day, my thoughts go to someone who received his certificate today.

Abdulgader Alsharif (Abdul) is undoubtedly one of the FINEST students I have had the pleasure of knowing.

There is an expression which fits him perfectly. He is "the salt of the earth". In other words he is someone who is simple and good. Mash'allah!

One of the reasons why Abdul is very special to me is because in recent months, he has worked very closely with me. In particular, with his writing. His ability to weave stories and characters together really impresses me. I hope he knows how absolutely proud I am of his improvement.

When I know people for as long as I do (in terms of students, especially) it's easy to see their different colours/moods. But it must be said that no matter what, Abdul has always displayed the highest level of respect. As one of his peers said, "You don't find people like Abdul anymore."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

So finally - I would like to wish this special person all the very best as he embarks on his future. Thank you for the privilege of knowing a lovely person like you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some children, by Otman

by Otman

That is a story in our life I think. There are some children climbing on the wall. they have the same meaningful the best thing in the picture, so I see cooperate community between the for achieve their aims, because any realization in our life to need like this. This is my opinion.

Indians in South Africa, by Helson

by Helson Santos

The first Indians in South Africa came here with a contract [contract workers] for 3 years with very low salary. They came to work because the natives [in KZN] didn't do the same type of work. 

South Africa has the largest Indian population, and they don't speak their own language.

About fashion, they use sari and kurta pajamas. The origin of pajamas comes from India. Their clothes are very colourful, elegant and regal. About Indian jewelry, it's rich in gold and they use a lot of bangles.

Bindis (or the dot they use between the eyes)

They use because they believe this is the point or the place that has a high point of energy.

They believe it is the third eye

Some use it only as a fashion accessory

And others believe that is is protection against evil.

The red bindi means that the lady is married (single and ready to mingle)

About food, they eat with their hands, they believe that when you eat you need to experience your food, and the act of eating is an act of God. So they only eat with their right hand.

They don't eat cows, because cows give us milk and it's a sign of respect, because with this milk, they feed children. They don't eat pork because it's a dirty animal. 

About celebration

They have the festival of victory of good against evil.

The biggest industry of movies is in Bollywood. 

The "bible" is the Mahabarta.

And finally, the way they greet, I forget the meaning, but because it's so special, I prefer to say in the end.

Namaste - means, how are you? Full of love, If you are with God... 


My mum, by Feras

by Feras Aldaouki

I know that my mum, I always make you feel like crying, worried or angry, but all you want is for me to be a good person.

I know that I will never collect how many days you had to be with me or you had stayed to take care of me. I cannot measure how much you love me, but I can definitely remember a few beautiful words you told me.

She had never cared about her body or her health when she took care of me. So, sorry mum, I have just known that when we started missing somebody is when we became too far from them.

I'm always thinking about how or when I'm going to pay you back and return all that kindness. I also don't mind if nobody wants to trust me. But I don't want you to stop supporting and trusting me. Because you are the most important person in my life.

I will do the best to prove that your son's heart was made especially for you and no one else.

I'm going to tell you now, by Kamal

by Kamal

I haven't told anyone this before, but I'm going to tell you now...

My queen, I don't know from where I'll start
about what I felt
when I saw you for the first time.

I know now it is too late to say that,
but I should say that

you are the flower of my life.
You are the water in the desert.

I was wrong,
because I hesitated
about telling you my feelings,
and I took a long time to say that.

I know there is no benefit of this. 

I love you.
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