Saturday, July 30, 2022

Today was tough

Today was tough. I was in pain and very uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure how to position my leg when lying down. 

The side effects of medication & anesthesia on one’s tummy is like a curse. I wake up thinking I’m going to eat well but I can barely finish a small yoghurt. My throat hurts from the pipe they inserted during surgery. Tummy muscles feel strained from pulling my body weight up using the railing above my bed.

I had two little outings today - wheeled down to X-rays in my bed & then on the wheelchair in the passage for a change of scenery from the room.

I tire quickly. Moving my body from the bed to the wheelchair, I need a moment before thinking of the next move I have to make. Moving from the wheelchair to the toilet is challenging with the heavy boot. Trying to be good with my water intake, but conscious that I’d need the loo.

There are two patients on the floor who cry out in pain - it’s so hard hearing this. 🥺 I can’t express the deep admiration I have for nurses.

I pray tomorrow is better. 🙏🏼🦋

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