Friday, July 29, 2022

It's my birthday!

Good morning! 🙏🏼

My second surgery falls on my birthday.

What a gift of healing!

My birthday falls on the first day of Shravan (fasting month). What a blessing!

This morning, using my right foot, I managed to push myself on the wheelchair from the bathroom to get my phone out of the charger. I was talking to my brother and just felt so emotional and burst into tears. I was also feeling  overwhelmed by the amount of messages and love I’ve received this morning.

The surgeon walked in and said I need to be lying down with my leg elevated. But then he asked me why I’m emotional? Really?! 😳

So here I am - back on my back. They were unsure if the surgery would go through because there is still swelling, so my leg is raised and I’m waiting for the nurse to bring some ice. 

Pic: Chocolates and cookies that I gifted to the nurses and doctors this morning. 🎂🎈🏥🎁

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