Thursday, July 28, 2022

Mini manicure today

I’ve been sending love and energy to my left ankle today.

The nurses have been so kind to me and I try my best to greet them by name. The cleaning lady, Sara, also asks me in the morning if I’d eaten my breakfast. 

The physio visited me today and helped me bend my knee and move my toes. I need to do this by myself -  it feels like proper exercise.

I’m craving all kinds of food - mostly my mum’s: from sojji porridge to dhokra and now veg biryani. 

Today’s highlight: Mini manicure (without colour of course) cleaned my brows and put on a Vitamin C face mask. I was bubbly & chirpy…until our freshening-up rituals before visiting hours were over. 

What a humbling experience. Needing help putting hospital underwear on and then sitting on the wheelchair to brush my teeth, I burst into tears. I remind myself that this is temporary. ✨

Maria, one of the nurses, assured me that doctors perform this surgery daily - so it’s going to be fine for me.

I’m alone in the room tonight. It’s started thundering, lightning and raining - I asked that they leave my door open. I’ve just taken a calming tablet for the night & listening to devotional music.

I need only positivity running through me ahead of my second surgery tomorrow (around noon, they said).

Pic: My view inside vs outside. 

And… my little portable beauty kit. 💅🏼

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