Sunday, August 31, 2014

5 Minute Magic

I used to write using a timer in 20 minute sessions. When I wrote with students, I reduced it to 15 minutes...and then 10 minutes.

Recently, we've been writing in 5 minute sessions! That's 300 seconds.

Words that have been produced by students working with me have been nothing short of phenomenal!

I've called our Writing Group "Creative Sparks" because the words that come out of our sessions are like electricity.

...but why 5 minutes?

- People are lazy to read long texts.
- They have short concentration spans.
- Writing in a shorter time frame forces the writer to choose/use only the best words.

Quality over quantity.

As I said recently:
Use fewer words, and make those words powerful.

I'd like to add that Creative Sparks has helped me with MY writing. Thank dearest "Sparks" :)

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