Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What have you stolen?

by Sheetal Makhan
14/08 (written in 10mins)

Carefully, slowly, quietly, without being noticed, I confess that I have stolen. 

I stand on the sidelines watching them. They go by in haste. All on their own mission. 
Being a hypocrite.

This saddens me to no end. There are days when I feel like the world is falling apart. 
Like a freshly baked cookie, it crumbles to dust in my fingers. Before my eyes.

Who is responsible for this? Humanity.
I watch in disgust as they... no, we...hurt each other. So much.

This can't be right. I feel it in my heart.
I make a decision that I don't want to be that. I want to live my life peacefully. Wholesome. 

When I was born, the world rejoiced while I, as a baby, cried.
I want to live my life so that when I die, I will rejoice and the world will cry. 
I want a life lived with good moral intentions.

So what have I stolen? 
I have stolen the knowledge of knowing what is right and wrong. 
What is moral and what is not.

We are here to learn from each other and to make informed decisions of what is right and wrong. 
What is black and white.

Who will cry when you die?

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