Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My mother. My blood. My life...

In one of my classes recently, we spoke about patriotism and what it really means. What does it mean to be patriotic

Well, this morning, I had a surprise when one of my AY students, Otman Eltalis appeared at my office door. I was surprised because he told me that he wasn't coming to school today as he had to run some errands this morning.

He said: "I just came to give you this," as he handed me a sheet of paper. A piece of writing to mark? Sure! It was nothing out of the ordinary. Until I actually read it. The best way of knowing if something was written from the heart is if it gives the reader goosebumps. It did more than that for me. I could feel Otman's emotions.

With my extra writing sessions that I have with my students, I tell them that they only need to do one thing when they write: Make your words jump off the page and dance!

I interviewed Otman on his very first day at EC Cape Town. He has grown in leaps and bounds, not just with his English, but as a person. I'm so proud of him! With his permission, I would like to share what he has written.
Otman Eltalis from Libya
Otman Eltalis from Libya
by Otman Eltalis 
My name: Libya
My nationality: Libyan
My phone number: Libya
My biography: Libya
I am a patient. I am a villager. I am a national. I am a soldier for protect my country. I am peaceful.

I extend my appreciation to my country everyday. It is my mother, my blood, my life. I left because I was forced. I didn't like homesick, but this is for you. I hope to accept my excuse. I can't forget when you gave my nationality, happiness. I am proud if I say I am from Libya. Sometimes, people ask me, "What is your dream in your life?"

I just have one answer. I say, "My dream when I see my country the first country in the world. When I see my people living in the security. When I see many scientists there. If I see illiterate 1%."

I am not frustrated, but when I remembered Japan in 1945, they lost many buildings and people, but now Japan is first world.

If I to speak English, I will fly in the sky, because this isn't for me.
This is for Libya.

Let me, my teacher, write any word in my mind. I can't stop to learn English until I see my country happy for me. I know Arabic language is people's language for paradise, to learn the language of the people of the security of their evil. I wish believe me, my country. It is my mistress. It is before anyone. I will be write, write, write and write.

I hope smell your soil.
I hope send my greeting with the stars.

I miss my country.
I can't forget it.
This is promise.

Written on Monday, 25 August 2014

Your son, Otman (Libya)
I will keep going...

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