Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Hope...by Mohamed Abogila

The Hope
by Mohamed Abogila (in Libya)

I can do something.

You can do something.
We can do something.

What's going on?

First of all, I would like to say I am from Libya!
Which means I am proud to be Libyan.

I am a person who likes his country very much and I always speak about the real history

What's going on?!
We don't have..!
We have to..!

Libya is going down. It's going to hell.
Sorry to say that, but it's the truth.

Why? Simply, this country misses the hope and the hope and the hope.

They give up.
They are impatient.
They are selfish.
They are weak.

Hope to be challenging and
do to have, do to get.

Hope to be patient and take breath and relax without any stress.

Hope to be humble and friends and smile.

Let me tell the world something.

Libya is fire. To burn even you.
You can't touch or do something.

The people are the dark, which means...
You can't see if you want to think to steal or destroy something..

I am like the air.
Free and fresh...
Which means
If there is a problem, I can push it away.
Far away.

Are we ready?
Ready to do...

This word, "do" means a lot.
If you agree, we should do.

I am sure I know we have the ability,
but when are you going to start?
When are you going to feel?
And when are you going to win?

Life is a game and I will win.

Hope to be a strong, powerful hero.

We are here.
Today, but tomorrow...
We don't know.

Where will we be?

This country could be the best and the worst.
About the people, actually.

People can do, feel, make, hurt, decide and hope.

They can make this country.
He loves to show the fire on the ice. How is it?

Libya. Yeah, it's one word, but it means the power.

I've been to many places.
They asked me, "Where are you from?"

I just give a big smile. With myself, I am self-confident and I reply, I am from LIBYA.
I feel like the King in the castle or fire to burn or dry to die.

Libya is not the problem.
The real problem is us.

Any country has bad things, but also - there is a solution.

It's like a game.
You have to be the winner.
To survive.
To be free.

Like the lion in the jungle.
Strong, smart and organized. 

Am I crazy?
Simply, no...

I am too crazy of loving my country.
It's my morning to the evening...until the night.
It's my blood.

No one can live without blood.
Which means we have to love our country.
To defend from any bad things.

Libya is a country and it will fly, shine, high in the sky.
In the world.
On my paper.
And in our hearts.


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