Monday, September 1, 2014

BC0914: Memory Lane

A walk down memory lane...fills me with nostalgia. Tonight I'm walking all the way back to 2007 when I had just arrived in South Korea.

I remember my first night alone in my apartment. The only furniture I had was my bed. I had no phone. No computer. No radio. No TV. The only thing to keep me company was the book I traveled with.

I remember the silence being deafening.

I didn't want to unpack my bag, thinking that I'll go directly to the airport the following day. The 20+hour flight was a waste of time. I wanted to be back in South Africa.

I was completely alone in a foreign land. What was I thinking? How could I live there for a year? A whole year?!

Anyway...I remember that moment as a smile forms on lips.

I've grown in leaps and bounds from that time. Korea was one of the biggest challenges I've faced. I had to cross many barriers, mainly language and culture.

The best thing it did was push me to my limits. We only know what we're capable of when we're thrown into the deep end!

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