Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My pillars

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My Pillars
by Sheetal Makhan
Written on 7 August

When we hatch from our eggs, we take our first breath. 
But is it the beginning of our life? 

We have safety and security from the one who birthed us, who loves us sometimes more than she loves herself.

At the age of 31, I look back on my life. 
Years gone by. Successes. Wins. Tribulations. 
There were many times that I flew. 

But the number of times that I fell are uncountable.
There were days that I fell into a deep, dark hole. It was like there was no end to my pain. My heartache. My darkness.

Then, like an angel's touch...soft, gentle, kind, loving, reassuring.
I would fall...into unconditional love. 

Love from my parents. 
Transcending distance & time zones.

My mother. My father
My parents.
My pillars.

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