Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tag #1

What 3 gadgets would you invent?

Firstly, Mosilager - I'm sorry I took over a month to do this! Mine are really not as great as some of the ones I have read, but I am giving it a shot :)

  1. I want a cloak that will give me superpowers. Something like Superman/My Super ex-Girlfriend. When I put it on, I will be able to fly anywhere at the speed of lightening. Maybe I'll use my super powers to "save the world from evil", but I sure as hell would use it to spend a morning in London, an afternoon in Oz and a night on the town in New York City. (just trying to picture myself flying around amongst the NY skyscrapers)

  2. I would love to have a timepiece where I would actually be able to turn back time and re-live some moments / conversations etc...I'd say the max you can turn back time would be between 1 and 48 hours. Gone will be the day of regrets :D

  3. Thirdly, I want a robot who will take on the role of my own personal stylist - since I don't know anyone who is willing to do this for me, and those who are...well, I just don't have enough money to spend on such things! Anyways, my 'robot' will thread my eyebrows when needed and will never let me have a bad hair day again. ..but most of all, he/she/ it will give me a massage every single day. (Those who know me know that I will kill for a good massage!)
Ok, mission accomplished! I think I need to keep this tag going, right? In that case, I tag Carly, Gregor and my brother.


Mosilager said...

hey didn't you watch the incredibles? 1st rule of superpowerdom - no cloak/cape.
No. 2 could come in handy, could buy the lottery ticket in time and retire.
No. 3 - the massage sounds relaxing. followed by sauna and swim.

Yay thanks for doing the tag

Muzbot said...

Hi Sheetal, I like the sound of your robot. Who wouldn't kill for a good massage.. especially for a massage whenever you felt like one.

Sheetal said...


Yeah I did watch "The Incredibles", but still - I like the cloak ;)

Sheetal said...


Hi there! How are you doing? Thanks for visiting again :)