Saturday, October 7, 2006

Feeling slightly nostalgic...

This is the 6th last Saturday I'll be spending in Grahamstown! Yep - 6 Saturdays from now, I'll be in my very own room at home in East London (pictured above).

I can't wait! Or can I?....

As the year draws to an end, I am having such mixed feelings - excitement and nervousness topping the list! I have no idea where the wind will take me when I leave this little village they call Grahamstown. But there are some things I will miss and some things I will be glad to say good bye to!

What I'll miss about this place:
  • Calling friends and having them come over for coffee or pizza in 5 minutes or less
  • The fact that (nearly) every place here is within a (relatively decent) walking distance
  • The amazing and extensively-stocked library
  • RES NET (imagine - being connected to the WWW 24/7!)
  • Debonairs (pizza place)
  • The sunrises & sunsets
  • The new Journ building (African Media Matrix)
  • The donkeys - which can almost always be seen as you enter/leave the town!
What I won't miss about this place:
  • Going to shower in flip flops
  • Communal bathrooms
  • People calling/shouting on the intercoms for their friends
  • Drunk students on Friday/Saturday nights
  • Signing male visitors in and making sure they're out by a certain time
  • Being unable to blast my music in the morning (back home, my brother is a DJ - so loud music is kind of mandatory in my house at any time of the day...yay for my cool parents!)
  • Eating cereal for supper
  • Having to close my curtains everytime I want to change (boys res across the street and my window faces the road)
  • Walking up the hill in the heat


Mosilager said...

won't you miss the independence in G'town when you are back home?

Sheetal said...

I'm more than likely to work away from home, so after uni, I'll probably be at home for 4 months (max). But yeah, being on my own for four years makes it really hard to live at home again, know what I mean?!


Carlz said...

I'll miss the sound of church bells on a sunday (even though I don't go)
Also - I'll miss the convenience of going out and "stumbling home" - in Jozi there is always the hassle of having to have a designated driver when we go out!!!

I wont miss small town gossip though!
Glad someone else is blogging about leaving soon - got to start dealing with it sometime!

Sheetal said...

Small town gossip is something I forgot to add to the list of "Things I won't miss"


Mosilager said...

hey sheetal... are you running some advertisement thing on your blog? all sorts of weird sites want to set cookies when I visit. Was wondering if you enabled ads, if not it's some add-on that the site has.

sanjay jha said...

nameste sheetal
place looks divine.wish you great time,looking forward to hear from you on all that you will miss and new discoveries...

Sheetal said...

No, I'm not running any adds - I don't even know how to enable! I will look into it. Thanks for letting me know :)

Sheetal said...

Namaste! Thank you for your message. I have been meaning to drop you an email for quite some time now about something I want to discuss with you - I will do it soon, though :)

Sipetile said...

It's kinda crazy hey? I can't wait to get outto be honest. The hills I have to climb everyday and the 30min walk to the AMM from home and back is a shlep. I practically have to drag myself out of bed everyday. I hardly ever see my friends anyway coz I'm here from 9 to about 6 everyday and I live to far away from my friends. So dunno hey. I'll see what I miss when I'm home. Probably will wish to be back when we're working huh? No bosses here!

Unknown said...

Ah!!Sheetal, I found your blog :) Im going to miss this little village as you call it VERY much. It's become home and I have such amazing friends here... but greener pastures call me! We must chat soon.

Sheetal said...

Lucky for me, the AMM is a stones throw away from where I live :) But I agree with you - we are most likely to miss this place as soon as we start work!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Sheetal said...

Hey girl! You found my humble little online home :) So nice to see a message from you...see you in class tomorrow!

Big hugs