Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Roughing it out

Look what I got when I opened my tap on Sunday morning!

Now, it could look delicious... like chocolate milkshake. Or gross ...like mud!! I vote for the latter. But I dealt with it. Lucky for me, for the past 4 years being at uni, I have stocked up on bottled water at the beginning of every term. And this is the very reason why.

It's now Tuesday evening. There's no water in probably 90% of this town, and they say it will only be fixed by Thursday. No water means that toilets can't flush, and we can't take showers.

Thankfully, my friend Michelle was awake at 6 this morning when I called her...her house had water, so I went over to her place for a shower.

On top of it all, this morning I had a Computer Science practical exam. After starting half an hour later than scheduled, the power cut! So it was postponed to 13:30... and was yet again postponed to 15:00. By then, I was tired, miserable and hungry! And then it rained - so I got wet walking back home!

I was invited out for drinks this evening, but since my exam started late and I was feeling like crap, I wasn't up to going. But I pulled myself together and thought that perhaps being around other people will cheer me up. And it did :)

It was just one of those days... and I think this is something I'll be able to put down to life experience :)


krystyna said...

Nice and funny.
If there is problem with water remember that Cleopatra cleaning her body in milk. It is good for complexion.
All the best!

Mosilager said...

awww... poor you... hope they fix it before time. good luckw ith the exams.

jvonblog said...

I have resorted to putting soap on my body with the little water I have left just to smell somewhat clean... this is bad, stuff Survivor South Africa... this is true Survivor: Grahamstown, who will outlive, outdrink and outsmell to be the ultimate Grahamstown Survivor. I think I may be dillusional, haha. Shame my friend, at least one of them dreaded exams is done. Almost done hey, hang in there! Jase

Sheetal said...

The milk option seems quite appealing right about now! Thanks for your message...

Thanks :) It's Wednesday morning now, and nothing seems to have changed...

Tell me about it!!!!

You're lucky you still have some water, we are running dry over here! Funny - just last night, I was thinking the same thing: Survivor: Grahamstown Jase, I heard you're leaving on Sunday :'( Am I going to see you before you leave? Love you lots, my friend xo

Movie Mazaa said...

That loooks Yuck!!

Do take care!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Whoa! Glad to know the day ended well anyway. Good luck with the rest of the exams!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Well, reminds me of the times when the overhead tank was being cleaned in our flats...

The water used to be muddy for 2-3 hours after the cleaning...

Sheetal said...

Thanks :) It's been pretty hard trying to study in these conditions, but we have to keep our spirits high!

daddy's girl
Thanks for your message! How are you?

You're lucky yours was only for 2-3 hours..ours is days, I have a feeling it's going to go on till the end of the week!

Daddy's Girl said...

Hey Sheetal, I'm doing well thanks. Glad you are too, even with the water situation. I can relate, I had similar experiences at university. Dropped by to tell you that you've been tagged! More details on my blog. (I apologise in advance if you don't like tags!)

Sheetal said...

daddy's girl
Thanks for the tag - I'll check it out soon. But I still have another tag that I still have to do from Maja. So after I get that done, I'll do yours :>

Sheetal said...

As of this evening (Wednesday), we have water in our res again! Before finding this out, I had already left to my friend's res to take a shower.

But anyway, let's hope that the water is here to stay now, and that I can do laundry soon :>

The lack of water over the past 3 days really made me realize how we take simple things like washing our hands for granted!

Carlz said...

thank goodness the situation is slowly being dealt with - but the last couple days have really made me realise how lucky we are and how we take the basics for total granted!! a cheap lesson if u ask me

Sheetal said...

Yep - I agree with you! Are things back to normal on your side?

Sheetal said...

****UPDATE #2****
We have just been notified by the University that the water we have now is toxic, and we are advised not to even use the water coming out of the tap to brush our teeth with!

Apparently, "according to the Department of Ichthyology & Fisheries Science, over 35 000 fish at the University's Experimental Fish Farm have died over the last few days as a result."