Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Op was a success!

Dear Family & Friends,

The messages I received after my post last night (on and off Facebook) gave me such comfort. Thank you! ❤️‍🩹

I woke up around 05:00 this morning to lovely rain (showers of blessings as my Mum would say). I lit my divoh 🪔 and reminded my guardian angel to please be with me today. ✨

Once we arrived, admin went off smoothly. I was just given the hospital gown when a nurse already arrived to take me down. I thought it was better - no time to think while waiting in the room.

The last thing I remember was the Dr saying to me: “Sleep well, I’ll see you later!”

Updates from Dr:

My op went off smoothly. I can start moving around without the moon boot, but still need the crutches. I had it on when I was discharged as you can see in the pic. My foot will be swollen - for up to a few months! I’ll need to keep it elevated and make use of ice packs. I have many weeks of physio ahead of me.

And then…I won’t be making burfi with my Mum for Diwali this year. 💔 Dr said that it’s too soon to travel. 

Mum & I agreed that when I AM able to travel, we will recreate Diwali and make delicious treats together. 🥰

My Fears:

My leg is still weak and I’m scared of falling (without the boot support). The “pin/screw” and plate need to stay in and I worry that something could come loose. Dr understood my fears and reassured me. 

To some, it may seems silly, but I’ve never broken a bone in my life This was severe as my ankle was broken in three places. 😣

I send you all the warmest (long-distance) hugs.


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