Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Checkup with the doctor

I had my checkup with the doctor at the hospital today. What a relief that I didn’t need an X-ray because the last time was traumatic.🥺

My surgery is confirmed for next week Wednesday. 🏥

The doctor explained that the screws and plate will need to remain around my ankle. They need to, however, operate to remove one screw - to prevent the risk of it breaking.

There are days - like today - that it still feels surreal that this happened.

This text from my brother while I was at the hospital really helped: “Na don’t be scared. You have been through the hardest part already.”

When I think of lying in that hospital bed compared to the way I am today, I have, indeed, come a long way. 💪🏼

The attached pic is my current view. Leg elevated, boot open and ice packs on my leg to help soothe the itch. The itchiness is not on the wound itself, but my skin is very dry. I can’t wait for the nurse to wipe it down tomorrow and put a fresh bandage on. 🙏🏼

A message to you all:

Every single comment, private message & text has meant so much to me. The love, encouragement & check-ins are truly appreciated. Thank you so much! ❤️

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