Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Ahead of my surgery tomorrow, I wanted to share three anecdotes. 

They all took place while I was in the hospital and still make me smile when I think of them! 🥰



Day 2 when Hubby arrived at the hospital for visiting hours, he was unpacking things I’d asked him to bring for me from the hotel we were staying at. “I have a surprise for you,” he said as he pulled a jacket out of the bag. It belonged to my Dad, but my Mum recently gifted it to Hubby.  

He placed it on a hanger in the cupboard near my bed and said “…so you can feel your Dad with you.” 



After my second op, I was told that I couldn’t go to the loo by myself. When Monica, the night nurse helped me from the bed to the wheelchair, there was a dim light on in the room. I noticed a pill lying on a tissue - next to the pill container. I told Monica that I think I missed taking that pill earlier. 

I couldn’t sleep a wink after my op and thought that the forgotten pill was a sleeping pill I didn’t take. Monica said she’d have to check with the other nurse, but when she picked it up, she proclaimed “It’s a sweet!” 

Only to realize that it was a lonesome Smartie from the box that Hubby brought earlier in the day. 🤣



On the Saturday after my second op, a nurse brought me an envelope. I was so confused because it has a postal stamp - who knew where I was?!

It was a birthday & well wishes card from our sweet neighbours back home. They’re our parents’ age and we rely on them to water our plants when we’re away. 

When they learned about my freak accident, they sent this card - they Googled the hospital address and posted it to me!


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