Friday, September 16, 2022

I finally looked at my foot!

My doctor visited me at home today and removed the bandage from my op on Wednesday.

For the first time, I didn’t close my eyes and I looked at my foot - properly. The scabs, wounds, stitches & wrinkly toes, because they were so swollen.

The doctor & physio advise I wear the boot for the next couple of weeks when I’m alone - which is all day! And then I can remove it in the evening. 

Also, for the first time in almost two months, my left foot touched the ground without the boot. I’m literally learning how to walk again with the physio using crutches. 

As bizarre as it sounds, I sometimes think: “How did I used to walk before? How did I balance on these two legs?”

I need to put pressure on my heel, which feels so strange. Physio also advised I use anti-slip socks at home. 

My left & right leg don’t look like they belong to the same body. 😳

Last night I was horrified to see how “leathery” and flaky my skin had become under my bandage. I know it’s all going to heal itself...and I have Bio-Oil to help! 

Pic 1 - first time standing with my foot touching, although not completely flat, on the ground. 🦵 

Pic 2 - still my view 🙏🏼

Pic 3 - new exercise from physio: 

Sitting on a chair and using my foot (with a slipper sock) I need to “slide” a piece of kitchen paper on the floor - away from and back to me.

This will assist strengthen my muscles & improve mobility.

FB friends, thank you for your love!

I wish you all a safe & happy weekend. 💖

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