Monday, January 16, 2012

When students need a boost of confidence

Last week, my Intermediate student (Ben) from Switzerland asked to speak to me after class.

"I think this level is too high for me. Maybe I should move down to a lower level," he said.

I couldn't believe it, because as teachers, we often hear that students want to move UP a level. He said that he understood most of what I was saying, but he felt like he was weak in his reading and Grammar. I suggested he give it a few more days in the class and also urged him to visit the library and listening center in the school.  On top of that, I told him that I was going to give him extra writing homework. I asked him to think very carefully about his request as his speaking is rather good - contrary to what he believes, and I feared that a lower level would just be too easy for him.

When I met Ben the following day, he said he felt a bit better from since he spoke to me.

Today, however - Ben walked into the classroom like a new student. He literally held his head up high, participated in the lesson and seemed much happier than he did last week. As a teacher, I was so thrilled to see him break out of his shell.

In my opinion, all Ben needed was to have his confidence boosted! I told him again today, that I would make it my mission to push him to his full potential in his quest to study English before leaving back to Switzerland in a few weeks time!

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