Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 - So far, so good!

After briefly chatting about my blog during a much-appreciated phone call from a dear friend this evening, I logged onto my blog and couldn't believe that my last post was last year! Unacceptable... However! I have been consumed with work over the  past few days, and by the end of a working day, my brain feels a bit fried.

These days when people ask me, "How's your teaching going?" I can't find enough words to describe just HOW much I am enjoying it!

2012 started off very well and after the (short) holiday, it felt like I hit the ground running! I teach Intermediate & Pre-Intermediate levels in the mornings. I have library duty during the lunch break and just last week, I was given the afternoon class, Survival English.

My days have been rather long - starting at 4am (I try!) when I wake up right till about 11pm when I hit the sack.

"...but teacher, aren't you tired?" my students would ask. I believe that my energy stems from 3 sources:

1) Early morning exercise
2) Berocca Boost
3) I love what I do

I've been fortunate to have a great bunch of people in my class, from all walks of life - from countries like Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Angola, Libya, Cameroon and more! Professions of my students range from teachers to lawyers to an optometrist.

Above all that, I'm also very fortunate to be working with a great bunch of teachers who have such a vast knowledge of teaching - whether locally or abroad.

I've said it time and time again - that as much as *I* am the teacher, I'm learning just as much from my students every single day!

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