Sunday, January 22, 2012

When a student's light is switched on

Last week, my student (Ben) from Switzerland spoke to me after our Intermediate class and said that he felt the level was too high for him and that he wanted to move to Pre-Intermediate.  This almost never happens, because students usually want to move UP a level! He speaks fairly well and I could see that he had potential to do very well. I told him I'd give him extra homework so that he could practice his writing. I was happy that he agreed to this.

Within a week of talking to him and praising him in class when he got correct answers, he completely changed. As a matter of fact, he even started coming to class early and walked in with such a lovely smile on his face.

I'm sure any other teacher will vouch that it's such a wonderful feeling when a student's "light" is suddenly switched on.

I'm very happy that he decided to stay in my class and not move down a level.  Also, he now believes in his capabilities as much as I do!

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Vicky Loras said...

Hi Sheetal!

Once again, you have shown us what a great and supportive educator you are - it helped Ben so much in the end : ) When he lsot his hope, you did everything to give it back to him. An example for all educators!

My warm regards to Ben, from Switzerland! And hugs to you!

All the best,