Monday, January 23, 2012

Today I made a student cry, playing "Alibi"

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The new unit for the week with my Intermediate class is "Crime". After going through some basic vocabulary and group discussions, I asked the class to please close their books as I had something important to talk to them about.

"On Friday after lunch, my nandbag was in this classroom. I stepped out just for a second, and when I got back I realized that my purse was missing," I said.

There were gasps! They really believed that my purse was stolen.

One student had a broad smile pasted on his face as I spoke. I continued...

"When I asked the cleaners about it, they said that they saw two students in the classroom at that time. Do you know who they were?"

At this moment, the tension in the classroom was so thick that I could have cut it with a knife.

"Who was it?" they asked.

"Gabi & Gus," I said...looking at the two students.

"It's impossible," said Gabi shaking her head.
"Teacher, are you serious or this is a joke?"

Gus had a mischievous smile...he knew I had something up my sleeve.

"Will the two students please leave the classroom," I said sternly.

Gus walked out smiling, but Gabi looked extremely distressed.  As soon as they were out of the classroom, the remaining students (and I!) burst into laughter.  They caught on.  

Gabi & Gus who were outside the classroom were the "suspects" and the students inside the classroom were going to play the role of policemen.  I divided them into two groups. Police Station 1 & Police Station 2.

As I was explaining what would happen next, Gus opened the door and announced that Gabi was crying. Oh boy! I had to go outside and tell her that it was all an act...and after being convinced, she burst into laughter :-)

Gabi & Gus had to work on an alibi while the two "Police Stations" prepared questions for each of the suspects, who would be interrogated separately.  The trick? Both stories had to match... about where they were, who they were with, where they went for lunch, what they ate and so on...

The students ended up having such fun interrogating the two, and of course... declared them both guilty!


Anonymous said...

She was my teacher just two weeks, she doesn't need books, just her tablet (I like gadgets too :D).

She's very clever, loves teaching, lovely, she is so expresive with her big eyes,'s easy love and miss her...

One the two best english teacher that I've ever known, no doubt.

I don't know if whole this is written correctly because I'm pre-intermediate, but, I'm sure my teacher will say me ... ;)

Josemi from Spain

premio1990 said...

I love your classes Sheetal..that sounds real good.they will forever remember that class.especially Gus