Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brief Update

I haven't blogged in a few weeks - I've posted random posts, but nothing deep and thoughtful as I've wanted to. Part of my lack of writing has been due to work. April has been a busy month, and every time I meet a deadline and think I can have a breather, something else comes up. Teaching is physically tiring and if I'm not standing before 36 little bodies for 5+ hours a day, I'm sitting at my desk lesson planning or preparing teaching materials.

As always, during spring in Korea, I get sick and I wasn't well for a couple of weeks. Of course, we also had the annual visitor - Yellow Dust. The weather is only very slowly starting to warm up, but it's been really cold and after work all I want to do is get home and hibernate till 8am the following morning.

Every time I think I'll tell myself "I have to blog tonight" after this episode (I've been hooked on Two and a Half Men), I end up falling asleep.

I made a comeback at the gym this week. Just getting there is filled with procrastination, but the after effects are really rewarding. I had a good workout yesterday after work. I usually only gym from Monday to Friday, but this morning I was in the mood to exercise. My body can't seem to comprehend 'sleeping in' over weekends so since I was up, I thought I may as well do something...Also it's a lovely day here today so if anything, that was a good excuse to be out.

I got back home and had a nap, but was rudely woken up by those darn vans with loud speakers roaming the area (I picked up that they were selling spring onions) and then another van, and another. The noise was making my insides churn. It was 1pm. Could I make it for the 1:45pm movie? The only English movie playing at the CGV in my area is Kick-Ass. I guess I wouldn't have been so bored if it didn't drag on for as long as it did. Also, seeing someone's guts being splattered across a room isn't for me. So I either closed my eyes or was texting during those scenes.

I packed my netbook into my handbag - if I was in the mood, I'd go to a coffee shop and try and blog from there. A change of scenery is always good, and all I seem to want to do at home is sleep.

So here I am. Sitting at a coffee shop near my place. My iPod is playing all kinds of songs from Bollywood to Pitbull to Michael Buble. It's such a lovely day to be out. I have a few blog topics that I need to write about - so let me get right to it!

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