Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 7 - Changi Airport, Tuesday, Dec 30 2008

I arrived in Singapore around 11:30pm (Monday night). My flight back to Korea was Tuesday morning at 09:15. I figured I'd go straight to the airport instead of booking into a hotel for just a few hours. I asked the bus driver what was the easiest way to get to Changi airport and where I could get a taxi from.

He did something incredible for me. He took me (in the bus) after all the passengers got off straight to the airport. I couldn't believe it! He said he wanted to make sure I got there safely - especially since I was alone. By the time I got to the airport, it was midnight.

After checking in, I floated around like a zombie in the airport. Sat for a while at Burger King and then went to the 'spa'. Around 01:30 I had this aqua massage treatment... you lie in this tube-like machine face down. You are fully clothed. Above the plastic sheet that covers your body, water shoots out on your body from the shoulders to toes giving you a massage. You remain dry.

It wasn't amazing - I still prefer old fashion massaging! But a good experience nonetheless.


FIFA Store

This free Gadget Charger is simply awesome. You choose which gadget you have...and if the locker is free, you open the little door, connect your gadget to the charger inside, close the door, lock it... and do your own thing till you are ready to collect it again!

This was on the plane (Singapore Airlines)
You can charge any gadget if it's got a USB

I arrived in Korea at 16:15... by the time I got my luggage, bought a bus ticket... waited for the bus etc... then get a cab, I only arrived at my apartment around 7pm.

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