Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5 - Aloha, Sunday, Dec 28 2008

So I got into a cab having no idea where I was going. I told the driver that I wanted to go to a hip and happening place ...maybe a lounge or bar. He said he'd take me somewhere, wait till I go inside and check it out... and if I didn't like it, he'd take me somehwere else.

He pulled up in front of this bar called ALOHA. I remember passing it in a cab the previous night. It looked really awesome from the outside. When I asked for a table for ONE, they looked somewhat confused. They asked if I was going to have a meal or just a drink and when I said just a drink, they put me at the bar.

It was a bit quiet when I arrived. The barmen were asking me why I was alone. Like others I'd met, they seemed surprised that I was traveling solo.

My Love Bite Cocktail ;)

The barmen kept coming to see if I was ok and having a good time. See the guy in the background of my Love Bite Cocktail? He gave me stirrers that were glow in the dark! Pretty neat... There was some live music ~ it was pretty good, but the heat really turned up when the DJ started playing hip hop tunes.

There was a man that stood outside the restrooms.
You have to leave the restroom (toilet) and come outside to wash your hands...
and that man hands you a paper towel to dry your hands with!

Bars / Nightclubs in KL close at 3am. I was really enjoying the music and the vibe, but decided to leave around 01:30am. 3 of the guys who worked there walked me out and got a cab for me back to my hotel! It was such full day - random meeting of people, seeing beautiful sites...and topping it off with a cocktail and hip hop~ I was so happy ^^*

....and all this done, entirely on my own!

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