Monday, July 31, 2006

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday, Saturday July 29 I celebrated my birthday. No, I'm not going to tell you how old I turned. I stopped giving away my age when I turned 21 :)

I went home for the week-end to celebrate my special day with my family...after all, who knows where I'll be next year this time and when I'll get to spend my birthday at home again.

I arrived home starving on Friday evening. Luckily my dear mother had food waiting for me. The next day - my birthday, was spent doing some filming for a documentary I'm working on... then went shopping with my folks, and rushed home to get ready for my dinner party which was going to be held at one of my favourite restaurants, Smokey Swallows.

My entire family was there, with a sprinkling of close family friends. The food was delicious, the service we received at Smokey Swallows was outstanding and the evening was really just perfect. I just missed one person who couldn't make it that evening - my special big brother, Vijayan. Of course, my younger brother was DJ'ing and only came towards the end of the evening - as in, the last 40 minutes of it!

Also, I received two flower arrangements and a bouquet from the restaurant at the end of the evening. They were so lovely...

This one was from my uncle, aunt and cousin

this was from Uncle Kriben & family in Durban

and this stunning bouquet was from Smokey Swallows

Birthdays have always been a big thing at home, and trust me - to this day, I'm still like a little kid when July 29 comes around!


Anonymous said...

Morning Sheetal,

Happy Happy belated birthday. I didn't forget. I just wasn't any where near a p.c and my airtime was at an all time low. You were in my thoughts. I hope that you had a fabulous time. Judging by the pictures it looks like you did. P.S.The hot chocolate at Smokey Swallows is to die for.

Love Chantal

Anonymous said...

hey sheets

love u looked amazing, u keep getting more beautiful with age, im glad u had a great time. without me....booo hooo

PT said...

OH! OH!OH... NO! Did you say birthday? I am terribly, terribly sorry! I forgot to say happy birthday Sheetal! I hope you forgive me. But anyway let each year that gets added to your age bring with it showers of blessings and wisdom. Continue growing in intergrity and be the best lady that you already are.

keep shining Shhtle!

Prince, with love

Sheetal said...

Thank you, everyone for your messages :)

Anonymous said...

You and your mum look so much alike..she could be your sister she looks so young and beautiful! Thanks for sharing..PENNY

Anonymous said...

Hey SHEETZ! How R U? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Lookz Like you had an amazing party. I styll think you should mention how old your turning :P My birthday I had tonz of people keep making me say 24 and laugh at me!! I wish I was there to help you celebrate! Maybe one of these yearz :) All the best, talk to you sooon. Yourz truly, YAAR. I'm not signed up so I had to do this anonymous thing :P

Sheetal said...

hey yaar!

thanks for the message...yeah, hopefully one of these years we'll be able to spend one of our birthdays together ;)

by the can leave a comment with your name. you don't have to be 'annonymous'

chat soon
love sheets