Wednesday, July 26, 2006


As the end of the year comes closer, and I approach the end of my degree I feel a bit sad. Sad because I'm going to say goodbye to so many good friends I have made over the past four years.

Everyone says that the friends you make at university are your friends for life. If I think of my friends from high school, I am in touch with about 8 people. That's more than I actually thought would keep their promise to stay in touch.

But if I think of the friends that I have made here, they are invaluable. Honestly, whether we live two or twenty hours away from home, the fact remains that we are still away from home. I feel like they are my second family.

I still miss my friends in first year who were in res with me.... especially Colleta and Tiwonge.
I won't say that we've gone our separate ways, but the three of us are in different faculties and hardly get to hang out these days. Our personalities and tastes are different at times (except when it comes to the boys of Bollywood!) But when the three of us meet - whether it is together or just one on one, I can really feel the love between and amongst us.

For me, friendship is not having to see each other every day, but when you do see one another, it's as if nothing has changed and you still have loads to talk and giggle about.

Ok, enough with me feeling all sentimental. This post is dedicated to two friends who I regard as my sisters - Colleta and Tiwonge. Girls, I hope you know how much you mean to me, and that I appreciate all our chats, laughs and silly talks. More importantly, I will never forget how you helped me through a very difficult time during our first year. For that, I love you...

By the way (that's Tiwonge in the white and Colleta in the blue)


Penny said...

I am too old to get into this blogging thing, but because it is yours, I decided to check it out! I love the comments on friends and the picture of the girls. I, too, think friends are a must in a happy life.

colleta said...

hey sheets

thankyou so much darling, u kno wi love u too right...this is a big surprise i didnt expect it but im very grateful and im glad to know that u treasure our friendship so much. dont ever change i love u

Tiwonge said...

Gal you know I suck at this whole thing but I could not resist. Love you and I'm grateful to have you in my life. And dont be too sad, I'll still be there the day you launch that book!!!!!!!

Sheetal said...

awww my two honey's! my "bollyhood" sisters ;) you know, just a few hours ago, i was telling someone how today is one of those days i really wish you were still in res. can't wait to see u guys soon.

big hugs

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